VITALI! 松阪人SHOW 2007 took place on 3月3日-4日.  If you were there, you know how much fun it was!

Highlights for Ebot: Drumming / digital-sound play with BOB RADIO (ボブラヂヲ) on the 3rd, and percussion with HASSHADAI (ハッシャダイ) on the 4th.  It was a trip, and an honour.

(Pics with Bob Radio below...)

Check out the Ebot remix of the song Dayo: <download track>

Length: 4:53

Description: Do you know the original song? Well, you don't know it like this! The first half of the remix has kind of a dubby, drum&bass sound. In the live version it also had some fantastic guitar accompaniment, etc, courtesy of Bob Radio.(Sorry, the live version is still unavailable). In the middle you can hear a siren-like sound, and "banana, banana, banana..." which was the cue to call the Chibi-Ebot Dance Posse - three preschoolers in monkey costumes. Ebot (the original) also makes the transformation, and the madness begins! Listen for samples from Doraemon, and the Mario Bros theme. And put on your monkey suit! Yeah!!

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