Copyright issues:

In recent years, legal and policy changes have stipulated that all unauthorized sampling is illegal, and while there is some such material on this website, I'm not selling it or encouraging its downloading or distribution.  Most music on this site is free of copyright violation, and is available for downloading, remixing etc under a creative-commons-type licence (copy-left!). The one exception to this is my album, Ebot's Floating Lounge, which is available for sale (on iTunes, Emusic, Amazon, etc), however if you really want to download it free, then go for it. The copyright-violation-containing tracks on this site (and they are generally pretty obvious) are intended as a kind of public art display, and I have never and will never derive income from them.

Of course, it was never my intention steal the work of other artists and claim it as my own; on the contrary, I used the samples that I did out of respect and admiration, and as a way of publicly acknowledging the artistic and cultural influences that shaped who I am today. I have actually been looking into "clearing" a few of my favorite samples, which would allow me to distribute the songs in question without fear of legal action (albeit at considerable cost). At the same time though, I will continue to sample whatever the hell I want to, but I will not be offering any of this "contraband" material for sale, or copying it for any kind of official distribution.

The point of all this: 

- I'm not selling anything, so I ask you accept any copyright issues that may exist in the name of artistic freedom. If you do download anything from this site, please do not sell it or in any way use it commercially.

- The current laws regarding copyright and sampling in music are way out of date, and (for example) the judge who ruled that NWA's use of a 1.5-second, pitch-altered Funkadelic sample was in violation of copyright law is an idiot out of touch with reality, and this decision will lead to the stifling of artists' creativity, the very thing that copyright law is supposed to be protecting in the first place. (Otherwise, all it's really protecting is the music industry's status quo...).

- Artists will continue to sample, an defy these dinosaurs.

Thank you.

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