Info about Songs on e-clectic: Epic Journey in a Day

Song 01: morning sunlight (on bamboo) refracted by ice crystals

time: 6:16

   An extremely laid-back track...I recommend this one to wake up to in the morning.. Lots of organic sounds, and instruments from Bali and surrounding areas. South East Pacific vibes on a cold, clear winter day.

Song 02: shards of light (the coffee is kicking in)

time: 4:08

   The pace starts to pick up. Organic elements from the first track meet harder, urban sounds, and I play around more with fragments of samples instead of loops. This was actually the last track I wrote for e-clectic..

Song 03: start this!

time: 5:10

   Jazz, funk, and a voice sample from Chuck D. of Public Enemy. And mayhem, lots of mayhem.

Song 04: texture and jazz from the void

time: 4:21

   Classic, 30s-ish jazz samples and lots of cool little sounds. I just can't resist that dirty, old record scratchy sound.

Song 05-07: a. dark clouds and rays of light, b. the storm, c. after the storm

time: 3:36 + 6:00 + 1:33

   This one is dark; the jazz is still here, but it floats among abstract sounds, and faster, angrier beats. The storm rises, rages, and subsides. And then there's the calm.

Song 08: plastic and gold

time: 5:50

   It's shiny and synthetic. And out of the chemical fire rises...the funk.

*2008 re-release notes: Ouch. All I can say is I'm sorry. The original version that's been up here since I first released E-clectic was pretty fckd up - and not in a good way either. I have no idea what I was thinking putting that up online. . .I honestly can't remember. . .did I actually think that was finished?? And to think that it got something like 10000 downloads (shudder). . .no no, that was by the other Dr. Ebot. Well anyway, the real Plastic and Gold has arrived, and it's quite a bit better than the original.

Song 09: empire funk

time: 6:30

   Vintage 70s funk samples (full list available upon request) over clubby beats. And a Star Destroyer comes out of light speed - yeah!

*This has been replaced with (what was originally called) Empire Funk v2, because I like the newer one better. Not so different though...basically I smoothed out a few rough spots and hacked a minute off.  Still full off illicit samples! Still the best damn funkadelic, StarWars-infused anthem out there! 

Song 10: glimmers in dirty water

time: 3:56

   You haven't heard too many tracks like this one, I bet. Difficult to describe... bassy, rock/techno... road-trip music? Yeah, perfect for a road trip.

Song 11: cool jazz loops

time: 0:48

  No further explanation needed.

Song 12: electro-silvery blue(s)

time: 2:13

   Blues, hiphop beats, and (a little) chaos.  

Song 13: freak anthem (2am and an unstoppable stride)

time: 3:52

   Smooth, upbeat jazz over funky beats, accented with a voice sample from that classic Digital Underground song..

Song 14: love and music

time: 3:16

   This was originally called "Yangchin and Beats", which does describe the song fairly accurately. Then I shifted the focus a little, because hey, what's more important than love and music? The voice sample is from one of the greatest music groups of all time, "the Red Hot Chili Peppers". Love and music can save us!!

Song 15: a moment

time: 2:26

   Darkly minimalistic, deep and (for me at least) mind-altering, this song floats in the space between waking and sleep. I wasn't planning on including it on e-clectic: epic journey in a day, but it somehow ended up here and doesn't seem to want to leave. Listen to it on headphones for the full effect.


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and regarding my use of sampling in the above songs, click here.