Ebot plays an eclectic set at Vitali! 2006

As you can see in some of the pictures, Ebot teamed up with his friend, guitarist Akimasa for some of the songs. They were also honored by a guest appearance from jazz-vocalist legend Ryoko Furutate for one song. Here was the set... (or a kind of rough approximation of it. See note A at bottom...)



2.Sunshine and Caffeine                (feat. Akimasa on guitar)

3.Akuma no yoh na onnanoko        (feat. Akimasa on guitar)

(a girl like a devil)

4.Funkier Than Fung Kya-Zhan    (feat. Akimasa on guitar)

5.New York State of Mind 3.7        (feat. Ryoko Furotate singing, and Akimasa on guitar)

(a cover of the original song by Billy Joel)

6.A Sad One. (but only for a minute...)

7.Mario!   -> (track 6 + 7)




A) I still don't have an actual recording from the event up, so you're hearing a kind of approximation of what was played. The live versions include djembe percussion as well as more samples, chaos, and turntable asobi. In a few cases I tried to add in a sample or some scratching to the above tracks to make them more like the live versions, but I left some gaps as well. Especially on 2 and 4, it sounds totally different without Akimasa's guitar. 3 is a mostly acoustic track, of which I'm still looking for a recording. Same with track 5, which is nothing without Furutate-san's vocals.

B) There are lots of copyright issues here, specifically in tracks 1,5,7, and 8. So please give them a listen, but remember that I don't own them and neither do you. The other tracks are property of Ebot (me), but I'm a collectivist, and am happy to share.


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