Other Music by Ebot:

random stuff, works in progress, etc. (all files in MP3 format)

>In the Heat of Battle (sample)

time: 1:10 (full track: 3:15)

A bit different than my usual music. Techno, classical, and hard, fast beats. (Inspired by Gundam.tk).

Note: this is only the first minute of the track. Want the rest?


>Human Cyborg Relations

---------->Link to YouTube video

time: 4:49

Where does human end and cyborg begin? At what point does a robot become human? This song is a funky exploration of such important post-contemporary themes. Ha, or something like that. Dark and minimal, with some well-known and (I have to admit) well-placed samples.


>Space Battleship Doraeyaki!

---------->Link to YouTube video

>(aka Starship Doraeyaki, aka Ebot's Big Anime Mashup)

time 8:47

Theme music and other samples from Doraemon, Fist of the North Star, Dragon Ball, Lupan the 3rd, Mario Brothers, and Starship Yamato in one big-ass mashup. All samples are from the original, Japanese versions, so some of the witty bits might be lost on you if you can't understand the language. Ganbatte ne!

(This is the Gala 2006 version: Originally, there were two separate tracks - Doraeyaki and Yamatokage, which I crudely stitched together - to this stunning effect...)


>Dayo: BananaMix from V07

time: 4:53

Do you know the original song? Well, you don't know it like this! I made this track especially for Vitali 2007. (Sorry, not the live version - and not quite the same without and Aqui's guitar and that dance unit backing us up!)


>Ghosts and Icicles

time: 4:36

The contest-winning remix/mashup of the songs, "Speak Slow", and "Walking with a Ghost", by Tegan and Sara.


>Welcome to the Now (Evolution!)

time: 6:34

A remix of the song, "Welcome to the Now - Evo Devo", by the Terms. Electro-pop, and not an extreme remix or anything, but I think it's pretty hot.


>Live at Vitali!


Pictures and music samples from Vitali (lrgnvj.



Oh and before you go, help yourself to some Hype Classical and Chill Beats

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Warning: most of the above tracks contain copyright violations, so while you are free to listen, I cannot advise downloading.

This music is not my property; it is my art.




above: b-sides and works in progress by the mysterious Dr. ebot