V i t a l i !Matsusaka-jin Show

バイタリ松阪人ショー! 2008

Vaitali Matsusaka-Jin Show 2008!



* ボブラヂヲ(with Dr. Ebot) will be playing in the 15th!

When: March 15-16, 12:00-4:30

Where: Kodomono-shiro, Cubudai park, Matsusaka City (Mie Pref. Japan)

What: A 2-day, barrier-free charity concert featuring local and international musicians. This is a mixed-genre concert, featuring artists from around the the Matsusaka area, as well as from around the world! There will also be an art exhibition, as well as creative shopping at Peace Market.

Admission is free (although we really appreciate donations, as they go to support local programs for people with challenges in the Matsusaka area). 

Vitali Matsusaka-jin Show is a charity concert, but more than about raising funds, the event is about raising awareness - that people with disabilities or "challenges" have a lot to contribute to society. In fact, having an extreme challenge can even have a positive side, in that that it gives one a different perspective on life. As an artist, a unique perspective is a great asset, helping to foster creative innovation and artistic sensitivity. Actually, about half of the performers at the event are challenged in some way, often quite severely. But as anyone who attended last year knows, this is an event where passion and creativity - and in some cases musical brilliance - flows freely.

Hope to see you there!

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